Company Profile

Company's existing staff of 2341 people, including masters degree 286 people. Brings together domestic and foreign well-known experts and professors of the battery industry, more than 100 people, which Japan dozens of experts. After more than 10 years of hard work, achievement of advanced materials and leader of high energy battery industries. Has 194 independent intellectual property rights of the company's patented core technology and engineering ability and technology reached the international advanced level, is our advanced materials, green batteries and energy storage system is an important base for production, research and development and sales and service centers.

Company has Changsha, changde, yiyang, Hunan province, Lanzhou, Gansu province, Japan chigasaki five industrial bases, strategic placement to the United States and Europe. Its has changde force Yuan materials limited responsibility company, and Lanzhou Jinchuan section force far battery limited, and yiyang section force far battery limited responsibility company, and Hunan section PA car power battery limited responsibility company, and Japan Shonan CORUN ENERGY Corporation, and section force far (United States) trade limited, and section force far new energy (European) limited, and and shares Hunan re industry group, and section force beauty (China) car power battery limited.

Special: Hunan EMI material production company carte blanche Shenzhen Hong limited, platinum sales, furthermore no agents and affiliates.

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